Ballard Restaurants (highest rated)

The straight scoop on Ballard restaurants from people who live here in the Seattle neighborhood.

  • Paseo (265 votes)
  •  Thai Siam (118 votes)
  •  O’shan Sushi (114 votes)
  •  Monkey Bridge (166 votes)
  •  Senor Moose (164 votes)
  •  India Bistro (132 votes)
  •  Kiss Cafe (96 votes)
  •  Root Table (93 votes)
  •  Red Mill Totem House (36 votes)
  •  Flying Squirrel Pizza @ The Sunset (3 votes)
  •  Volterra (156 votes)
  •  Wild Mountain Cafe (70 votes)
  •  Veraci Pizza (128 votes)
  •  Gabriel’s Fire (112 votes)
  •  Taqueria Tequila (68 votes)
  •  Ray’s Boathouse (106 votes)
  •  Le Gourmand (83 votes)
  •  La Isla (115 votes)
  •  Shiku (109 votes)
  •  Ocho (95 votes)
  •  The People’s Pub (52 votes)
  •  The Other Coast Cafe (91 votes)
  •  Hattie’s Hat (45 votes)
  •  Kasbah (36 votes)
  •  Staple & Fancy Mercantile (30 votes)
  •  The Dish Cafe (53 votes)
  •  Restaurante Michoacan (32 votes)
  •  Pasta Bella (65 votes)
  •  Zaw Pizza (56 votes)
  •  Mr. Gyros (38 votes)
  •  El Camión (24 votes)
  •  La Carta De Oaxaca (268 votes)
  •  Bad Albert’s Tap & Grill (69 votes)
  •  Crash Landing Pizza (58 votes)
  •  Zak’s (72 votes)
  •  Palermo (67 votes)
  •  Cocina Esperanza (46 votes)

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Yelp reviews on Ballard’s Restaurants

1. Staple & Fancy Mercantile
Categories: Seafood, Italian
Neighborhood: Ballard for the date and time we wanted. We went to Staple and Fancy for several reasons.  First, it was on my list of restaurants to try from one of the articles I read on good Seattle eats.…

2. Thai Siam
Category: Thai
Neighborhood: Ballard

Best Thai restaurant I’ve been to outside of Thailand! The family that runs this restaurant makes amazing food, and their specialty dishes are unique and delicious! This is our…

3. The Walrus and the Carpenter
Categories: American (New), Bars, Seafood
Neighborhood: Ballard

My parents recently came to town so Wifey and I got to try out some restaurants that we might otherwise have not spent the money on. W&C is probably the best restaurant I’ve been to in…

4. La Carta de Oaxaca
Category: Mexican
Neighborhood: Ballard

A full restaurant means good food. But this was beyond full. The restaurant would have been quaint except for the crying children, and the 45-minute wait for a seat was only tempered by…

5. O’Shan Sushi
Categories: Sushi Bars, Japanese
Neighborhood: Ballard

I’ve almost reviewed 100 Seattle Japanese restaurants and I would say O’Shan is a solidly typical Japanese Seattle restaurant. Very predictable, in a good way.

6. Plaka Estiatorio
Category: Greek
Neighborhood: Ballard

My new favorite greek restaurant =) Staff was so nice to us! It was Friday night, I called so many restaurants to figure out the wait time all of them told me they had 1 hour wait..…

7. Jhanjay Vegetarian Thai Cuisine
Categories: Thai, Vegetarian
Neighborhood: Ballard

Friendly service and delicious food! So nice to have an all-veg Thai restaurant! I really liked the tofu satay and everyone in our group enjoyed their entrees. The space is very…

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Ballard Restaurants (by category)


  • Bad Alberts
  • Ballard Loft
  • A Caprice Kitchen
  • Dish Cafe
  • Hale’s Ales
  • Hamburger Harry’s
  • Hattie’s Hat
  • King’s Hardware
  • Kiss Cafe
  • Lockspot Cafe
  • Lunchbox Laboratory
  • Mike’s Chili Parlor
  • People’s Pub
  • Scooter’s Burgers
  • Seattle Burger Company
  • The Barking Dog
  • The Hi Life
  • The Other Coast Cafe
  • Vera’s Restaurant
  • Wild Mountain Cafe
  • Zak’s
  • Zesto’s Burgers

Asian Fusion

  • Root Table


  • Gabriel’s Fire
  • Smokin’ Pete’s BBQ

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Ballard is a neighborhood located in the northwestern part of Seattle, Washington. To the north it is bounded by Crown Hill, (N.W. 85th Street); to the east by Greenwood,  Phinney Ridge and Fremont (along 8th Avenue N.W.); to the south by the Lake Washington Ship Canal; and to the west by Puget Sound’s Shilshole Bay. The neighborhood’s landmarks include the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks (known locally as the “Ballard Locks”), the Nordic Heritage Museum, the Shilshole Bay Marina, and Golden Gardens Park.

The neighborhood’s main thoroughfares running north-south are Seaview, 32nd, 24th, Leary, 15th, and 8th Avenues N.W.; East-west traffic is carried by N.W. Leary Way and N.W. 85th, 80th, 65th, and Market Streets (east- and westbound). The Ballard Bridge carries 15th Avenue over Salmon Bay to the Interbay neighborhood, and the Salmon Bay Bridge carries the BNSF Railway tracks across the bay, west of the Ballard Locks.

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