Ballard Restaurants for Christmas Day Specials

Finding open restaurants that is worth the visit on a special day such as Christmas often prove to be impossible and the following restaurant brunch venues are open for great Christmas day meals.
• Thai Siam at 8305 15th Ave NW, Seattle is a great Ballard restaurant open Christmas day, great for kids, good for groups, medium price range, no delivery, do take-out, and no outdoor seating.
• Plaka Estiatorio is a Greek restaurant also in the Ballard neighborhood at 5407 20th Ave NW, Seattle is good for groups and kids, no delivery, does take-out and good for dinners.
• The Walrus and The Carpenter in the Ballard neighborhood serves American cuisine and Seafood. They re located at 4743 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle.
• Paseo, which serves Caribbean cuisine also opens on Christmas Day located at 6226 Sea, view Ave NW, Seattle. This restaurant is great for kids, has outdoor seating and casual ambience is open normally from 11 am to 8 pm and great for restaurant brunch.
• Vietnam restaurant with Vietnamese cuisine tunes their radio into light Christian music on Christmas Day is located at 7040 15th Ave NW , Seattle
• La Isla serves Latin America cuisine Puerto Rican cuisine located at 2320 NW Market str. Seattle
• The Fat hen serves great restaurant breakfast and brunch and specially opens on Christmas Day. They are located at 1418 NW 70TH St, Seattle
• La Carta de Oaxaca is a Mexican restaurant at 5431 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle and only good for dinners as they open 5pm in the afternoon. Not good for kids or groups, has outdoor seating and loud noise level
• Pho Big Bowl is a Vietnamese restaurant at 2248 NW Market st, Seattle and opens on Christmas days. Good for restaurant brunch with opening hours from 10 am – 10 pm. Good for kids and groups with no outdoor seating