The Newest Restaurants Which Opened Their Doors In 2013

The old Paratii Craft Bar made space for Billy Beach Sushi & Bar in the beginning of May. Anyone living or visiting Ballard on the 2nd of May might have been or should have been at the grand opening of new restaurant. Billy Beach is known as a chef who had a hand in Japonessa, Kushibar, Umi Sake House, Wasabi Bistro and I Love Sushi. He finally decided for the first time to open his own place and aptly used his own name to add to the attraction. Lunch and dinner are served at this restaurant, but the attraction lies in the happy hour that occurs twice a day. Early afternoon to early evening and again between 10 pm till closing time and Sundays will be packed as he will have happy hour all day long.
Middle of March saw the opening of Ballard Annex Oyster House., located 5410 Ballard Avenue, Seattle, Washington. Kickin Boot Whiskey and Matador combined their efforts to add to the Seafood restaurant business in Ballard. Monday to Thursday they are open between 3:30 pm to Midnight, so breakfast and restaurant brunch is obviously not available. Fridays and Saturday’s Ballard Annex Oyster House will open at 11 am until 1 am. Sundays the restaurant opens again at 11 am, until Midnight.
A daily Happy Hour running daily for two hours, from 3:30 until 5:30 and not only drinks are on special, but also oysters at $1.50. A very unique concept of this seafood restaurant is the steam kettles right in the middle of the bar. Food, seafood such as mussels and other shellfish, as well as soup are prepared right in the middle of the restaurant in front of customer. Live tanks for freshest seafood possible are on display inside the Ballard restaurant. Even though they have a recording studio above the restaurant they do not have any live music yet inside, but instead consider opening a venue that will feature live music.